• How to choose children’s clothing
    Post time: Jun-01-2021

    Children’s clothing is known for its variety and rapid changes. When buying children’s clothing, consumers must consider whether the style and color of the clothing can be liked by the child, but also whether the clothing is more affordable and comfortable to wear. Condu...Read more »

  • Warmly welcome to visit our 127th Canton Fair
    Post time: May-21-2020

    The 127th Canton Fair will be held online from June 15 to 24, we attended the canton fair with 3-4 booths since 2012, we are going to prepare the following works to cover the shortage of online Canton Fair. 1. Garment photos on model: Our professional R&D team make the new samples over 1000 ...Read more »

  • Introduction of 127th online Canton Fair
    Post time: May-20-2020

    The 127th Canton Fair will be held on online from June 15 to 24. This online Canton Fair will be a new structural design and process reengineering. It will present three interactive sections: Docking Platform, Cross-border E-commerce Area and Live Marketing Service, which will integrate butted j...Read more »

  • SS21 Design Topic : Cool Skateboard Elements
    Post time: May-06-2020

    City lights infuse the classic theme of skateboard with the elements of night light period. The sense of movement, functional practical details and modular details innovate the essential skateboard items. It can match the bright colors of biological lime green, electro-optic purple and intellige...Read more »

  • The compatibility of fashion and practicality
    Post time: May-06-2020

    Modern people expects to return to their original life from daily impetuosity & anxiety and pursues the true life. With an exquisite tailoring and comfortable, simple & casual sport jacket, we can slow down our steps from our fast and tense life with a solemn sense of silence. This sport...Read more »